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This past Saturday marked the two year anniversary of Why B redefining debauchery under the alias Rick Jameson. And fools were OUT for it, too. Or, rather, fools were already there when we all arrived to set up. Two bachelorette parties and an unassociated cluster of already-half-in-the-bag bros, to be exact. But we carried on.

If you missed it, well, tough titty. Time travel still ain’t a reality here in the 21st Century, because Apple would rather give us portable, touchable computer screens instead of time machines! Lucky for you, the crappy built-in camera on my phone captured all the magic. All, that is, except the super-bartender that is Nate from Jackalop. Dude is better than Superman. Thanks for the Schlitz.

“Pretty Rickey” himself, kickin’ off the night, givin’ one of the aforementioned “half-in-the-bag bros” the stink-eye. I know Milwaukee’s getting a smoking ban in July, but when are we gonna’ get a douchebag ban?

The artsy shot of The Rickster’s set. Thanks, five years of art school!

This is what the crowd looked like before 11PM. Didn’t know people in Milwaukee came out before 11.

Detail of the night’s first live painting, in progress.

DJ Big Once (left) and Kid Cut Up (right), mid-set. Pure greatness. And total devastation to the turntable dreams of any aspiring DJ in the house.

Detail of the second live painting of the night, in progress.

DJ D-Wood (left) and DJ Big Once (right) doing the final set of the night. No, D-Wood wasn’t on the bill until that night. And while it’s awesome that Big Once did a SECOND set that night, it’s even MORE AWESOME that only the first four minutes of their ridiculously good set together was rehearsed. The rest was improvised!

The finished first painting. DJ Big Once took this bad boy home. It’ll be hanging next to pieces by Revise CMW and CZR PRZ, which automatically upgrades my credibility! Thanks, yo!

The second painting of the night, finished and ready to head home with Mr. Rick Jameson himself, Why B… who was pretty much a big bottle of Jameson by the end of the night, too.


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