dwellephant + Present Music

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Sometimes, people legitimately hire us for stuff. Why? Because our nation’s water supply is filled with all sorts of pharmacological run-off. They don’t know any better.

One of those water-drinkers is Elisabeth Albeck. She currently works for Present Music as their marketing might. And one day, at my official mealtime meeting spot, she asked me to do the program cover for this Saturday’s performance. It’s called Omnivorous Furniture and, well, you can learn more about it here. (In two words: composers, cartoons.)

Miss Albeck sent me an MP3 of one of Saturday’s featured compositions to help steer me in the right direction. (Musicians! Take note! This works!) So, I fired up the iVictrola, set the song up to repeat endlessly, then put pencil to paper. This is what fell out:

Narwhal ghostie knitting a power line? Check. Skull-faced birds? Check. Matter-of-fact lightning bolts? Check. And, most important of all: chair? Check with a capital “eck.”

But awesomeness doesn’t always equal success. Elisabeth, in her wisdom, realized there wasn’t enough emphasis on the chair. And, seeing as how the chair was present on all other promotional pieces, it only made sense to give it a little more “hey,  look at me!” On board with this assessment, I strapped on my helmet and returned to the drawing board. Which is when THIS fell out:

Success! Self-indulgent explosion of dwellephant characters? GONE! In its stead? ARROWS! We arrowed the hell out of this bad boy like it was the end of Ying xiong! (Only with way less death.) Just one final step before we hand this baby off to Elisabeth and her patiently waiting printer: the inks!

The French would say, “Voila!” I say: Get your ass to Turner Hall on Saturday to see a cool show and score one of these bad boys at the door. And if it’s not your thing, well, all the more reason TO go. Life’s too short to NOT explore a little.


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