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Over the last seven or so years of being dwellephant, we’ve done LOTS of gig posters. We make the image, and at best, it’s color copied to hang in every venue from here to Istanbul. But today marks a new chapter in dwellephant history. For thanks to our good friend Whitney at Orchard Street Press, we finally have our very first three-color screen-print.

For those of you who:

a) aren’t huge art nerds like me, and

b) didn’t blow tens of thousands of dollars on an education with the weakest of ROIs, allow me to explain why this is so exciting:

1. Screen-prints are a meticulous process. Each color gets its own screen, and each color screen is pressed separately. Meaning Whitney burned an orange screen, a magenta screen, and a black screen, then used his magic squeegee to press each color on to a sheet of paper for a grand total of 300 frickin’ movements! That’s dedication!

2. Typically, everything I sell is a painting. One-of-a-kind. And lots of people always ask if I’d repaint something for them. To which I say “no.” Paintings are precious, unique things. They’re MEANT to be one of a kind. And because they’re one of a kind, paintings tend to be more expensive. Screen-prints not only let me sell multiples of an image, but for less money, too.

3. That said, there are only 100 of these prints in existence. (Well, actually, after last night’s Mucca Pazza show, there are only 60 or so left.) Meaning that, once these babies are sold, that’s it. No more. Never to be printed again. You snooze you lose. And for a mere $20, you have no reason to snooze, and thus, lose.

4. Did I mention screen-printing allows me to sell these babies for $20 each? For reals! And they’re hand-signed by both me, and Whitney. Because printing the image like he did is just as much an art as MAKING the image is.

Now, if you were one of the more than 250 people at this show, and you didn’t get one, well, now’s your chance. If you just plain love Mucca Pazza (and you should, because they’re better than a unicorn that high-fives skittles into your heart), you should get one. If you love my art, and are typically broke as a joke, you should buy one. And if you just plain happen to love letters that look like orange and magenta marching band members, well…

How can you get one? Click here. I have an etsy store. Finally, right?

And after you buy one, check out both Mucca Pazza AND Orchard Street Press.


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