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You might recognize the below image from the various Internet fun-spaces I host:

But I wasn’t just drawing eight-armed turtles in sweet suits, holding a bunch of musical instruments for my health, you know. I did it for this:

It’s De La Buena‘s new album, La Tortuga. (That means “the turtle,” dummy.) And for those of you unfamiliar with De La Buena, they are (by their own words) an Afro Cuban/Latin jazz band. By my words, they’re massive in size, ridiculously talented, and an instant dance party for mind, body and soul. And though we share an area code (something I’m extremely proud of), their music is for everywhere.

Yes, it’s available on vinyl. LIMITED-EDITION vinyl, which is just cool to say. And yes, this is the first time my art has appeared on a record sleeve. Pretty excited about that.

Though I didn’t take pictures to prove it, the above CD packaging actually opens up to reveal three panels, with all the important liner note info you yearn for.

The coolest thing about this project (and there were a lot of cool things about this project) is how well it worked out. One person came up with the concept, one person painted the shell and background swirls, one person shot the photographs, I did the lettering and illustration, and two others worked on the final layout. (You can read their names in the liner note of the copy you’ll buy for yourself.) Normally, having this many cooks in the kitchen leads to one hot mess of a final project. This, however, was that rarest of cases, where not only did everything work well together, but there was absolutely NO EGO interfering with progress. Everyone was just plain stoked to be working on something so cool.

Before we settled on the final lettering, I’d turned in a few different versions. This was the set that put me on the right path:

And here is the final lettering, song titles and all:

I’m super grateful to have been asked to contribute to such an incredible group and record. And I’m not going to lie: it’s pretty cool to see my art on record that shares the shelf with all the other albums in my collection. I can’t wait for all four of you who read this to get a copy of your own. And if you have any trouble getting a hold of one, drop me a line. I’ll get one for you.


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