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On Friday, August 5, my rent was due. Also: Childhood Revisited happened. You know– the annual group art show where a bunch of really talented artists (and me) make paintings of the things they loved as kids? Yeah. That. And this year, instead of making art to hang on the walls, I decided to paint live instead. Why I’ve never done live art at this particular art show is beyond me. It’d save me a heck of a lot of time.

Anyway, let’s see what happened:

Normally, I just paint whatever pops in my head while I’m standing there in front of the panel I’m painting on. But since all the work in the show was childhood inspired, I used that as a guideline. Naturally, Sesame Street was the first thing that came to mind. As a kid, I’m pretty sure I watched enough Sesame Street to qualify it as a legal guardian. And though Bert wasn’t necessarily my favorite, it would have been cliche to draw Big Bird. Plus, I already painted Oscar a few weeks back.

Next up: SAD BEASTMAN! This was my favorite piece of the night. I watched a lot of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe as a kid. I even saw that crappy live action movie they made with Dolph Lundgren. Beastman wasn’t necessarily one of my favorite characters, but he was always second fiddle to the main villain. That’s got to weigh heavily on a person. Even a beast person. To know that your job has zero chance for advancement? What kind of life is that?!? So I made him sad.

Third painting of the night: HISTORY’S MOST FAMOUS FRENCHMEN. At this point in the night, I started thinking about how the human body is something like 3/4 water. Why was I thinking about this? Because it was easily 6,000 degrees in the club. 7,000 by me, because of the lamp I was working under. I was working pretty fast, to finish this painting before I completely evaporated.

I ended the night with Animal, from the Muppets. He kind of looks like Sweetums, too, except Sweetums only has two big bottom teeth, instead of a bunch of small ones. Did I mention I watched The Muppet Show a lot as a kid? A couple of girls who walked into the club not knowing there was a show came over and told me how much they liked this one. They had no idea who it was supposed to be, though. These are the times when I feel old.

On the flip-side, I discovered two new artists I’m now officially cupcakes for. Check these out:

1. “…and it tastes great, too!” by Ellia Ana Hill

Adorable, right? And it’s CUT PAPER. That’s right. Paper. Cut into shapes. Then glued. Your computer can’t do that. (Don’t send me links to 3-d printers either, nerds.) There were three of these– all I Love Lucy themed– and if I hadn’t just paid rent, I probably would have bought this on the spot.

2. “Chewbacca in Bed of Flowers” by Cara M. Corder

This might be one of the greatest things ever made. Seriously. If I owned this, I’d hang it on the back of a door so that every morning after I got dressed, I could look into it as if it were a floor length mirror. I would pretend THIS was my reflection, and therefore would live every day knowing I look the most handsome.

I tell you, kids. It would be wise to head down to Moct and check the entire show out for yourself. And when you, too, fall in love with these, drop me a line. We’ll talk about how great it is in person. And if you’re interested in buying any of the live art, drop me a line. Rent’s due in a few weeks.


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