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If you were out and about in Milwaukee during the month of December, and wondered why you didn’t see me much, it’s because of these paintings I’m about to show you. Every year, when December 01 rolls around, I find myself chained to my desk, painting until the Ghost of Arthritis Future shows up.

These aren’t all of them. Just the handful I wanted to share, in case you have some Holiday Gift Money burning a hole in your pocket.

First up is this sweet family portrait. It’s the first thing I’ve ever painted while listening to a Monday Night Football game via Internet radio. And despite the unfortunate outcome of the game, I managed to keep my sadness at bay and bring only happiness to the finished piece. I love putting people in boats. I also double-loved painting this particular dog:

A very generous mom emailed me for a painting for her son. He likes super heroes. She wanted me to paint him as a super hero. So I did. The original version was just him, in flight, looking at the viewer. Then I remembered when I was a little boy, how most of my playing consisted of me taking the good guy toys, and having them beat up the bad guy toys. I decided to let that inspire this:

Obvious safety issues aside, this was one of my favorite pieces to do this year. Largely because I know the proud Papa this was painted for. But also because everything just plain clicked for me– the colors, the textures. In short: the complete and total art nerd in me was pleased. Too bad the holidays made me so scatterbrained that I forgot to get a solid scan of this:

If you’re one of the six people who regularly read this, you know how much I like words, and love drawing them. Rebecca knows this. That’s why she asked me to letter this beautiful verse from a man named Arnold. It’s a poem that was a part of her wedding, and this was lettered for the man she married:

It looks even better framed:

Like I said– there were a few others. Some I have scans of. Some I spent a LOT of time on yet somehow managed to completely forget to grab a photo of. C’est la vie. (That’s French for, “Meh…”) But if any of you handsome water-drinkers ever needs someTHING special for your someONE special, well, I’m just sayin’… I know a guy.


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