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A few weeks ago, Vic and Gab asked me if I’d be interested in making some art for their next album. Considering you’re reading a blog post called “Vic and Gab – Bridges and Guns,” it’s pretty obvious I said yes. And you being the smart cookie you are, I bet you already figured out that the above image is my sketch of the front cover.

The packaging would be a basic cardboard sleeve. Nothing too complex. All they’d need from me is a front cover, a back cover, and something for the CD itself. The above image is what I came up with after listening to some of the songs, and having them tell me the basic theme of most of the tunes– losing someone to violence, and how that loss affects the lives of everyone around them. And this is what I came up with for the back:

With the front cover so loaded with imagery, I wanted to keep the back simple. I also knew we’d need space for track listing, album info, and the bar code.

Within a day of sending these off to the band, I heard back from them. They liked it, but thought it hit too close to home. The iconography was too heavy and accurate, considering the tragedy they’d written the songs about was theirs. They asked me to try and scale it back a bit, and I obliged. The last thing I want to do is making art for a band that the band can’t stand to look at.

The result?

A revised cover, a revised title, and PURPLE. No other color would do. As for the back:

I was hoping to keep that background all purple as well, but being able to read that album info was kind of important, so I brought the banner color from the front to the back side. No, I could NOT have added a white drop shadow or outer glow. Those are terrible ideas, both this time, and 90% of all other times.

Last but not least, the actual disc art:

You being the savvy you that you are, I don’t need to remind you that the green, blue, pink and gray are all part of the template, and not the actual disc. No, true believers, the actual disc is a plain white, with simple black characters of Vic and Gab, as well as the album title. I initially put the band name and song titles on it, too, but Vic and Gab decided less is more— a philosophy I can ALWAYS get behind. (Except when it comes to getting paid.)

If you want a physical copy, drop Vic and Gab a line here, or nab one at a show. You can also grab it now at this crazy new thing you’ve probably never heard of called iTunes. Once you’ve spent some serious time listening to the tunes, let me know if I did the album justice!


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