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If downtown Milwaukee seemed a little sad on Sunday, it’s probably because all the work from Rogues Gallery’s first-ever group art show came down. Don’t worry. They’ll recover. The new show they’re hanging is ridiculously good. And I’ll be glad to have my special movie-themed pieces back. Wanna’ see ’em? Here you go:

TITLE: “I Want My Two Dollars”
FILM: Better Off Dead
If you’re confused, watch this. Marvel at his persistence. And his sweet switchblade comb.

TITLE: “Human Centipede”
FILM: Human Centipede
My attempt to make something incredibly disgusting seem incredibly adorable. Mission accomplished?

TITLE: “The Blues Brothers”
FILM: The  Blues Brothers
This is me trying to sum up one of our favorite films of all time in one simple 11 x 17 panel. Piece of cake, right?

So what do you think? Should we do some more movie-themed pieces? More like the Blues Brothers piece? Do you think someone in Hollywood should make OUR version of HUMAN CENTIPEDE?


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A few weeks ago, Vic and Gab asked me if I’d be interested in making some art for their next album. Considering you’re reading a blog post called “Vic and Gab – Bridges and Guns,” it’s pretty obvious I said yes. And you being the smart cookie you are, I bet you already figured out that the above image is my sketch of the front cover.

The packaging would be a basic cardboard sleeve. Nothing too complex. All they’d need from me is a front cover, a back cover, and something for the CD itself. The above image is what I came up with after listening to some of the songs, and having them tell me the basic theme of most of the tunes– losing someone to violence, and how that loss affects the lives of everyone around them. And this is what I came up with for the back:

With the front cover so loaded with imagery, I wanted to keep the back simple. I also knew we’d need space for track listing, album info, and the bar code.

Within a day of sending these off to the band, I heard back from them. They liked it, but thought it hit too close to home. The iconography was too heavy and accurate, considering the tragedy they’d written the songs about was theirs. They asked me to try and scale it back a bit, and I obliged. The last thing I want to do is making art for a band that the band can’t stand to look at.

The result?

A revised cover, a revised title, and PURPLE. No other color would do. As for the back:

I was hoping to keep that background all purple as well, but being able to read that album info was kind of important, so I brought the banner color from the front to the back side. No, I could NOT have added a white drop shadow or outer glow. Those are terrible ideas, both this time, and 90% of all other times.

Last but not least, the actual disc art:

You being the savvy you that you are, I don’t need to remind you that the green, blue, pink and gray are all part of the template, and not the actual disc. No, true believers, the actual disc is a plain white, with simple black characters of Vic and Gab, as well as the album title. I initially put the band name and song titles on it, too, but Vic and Gab decided less is more— a philosophy I can ALWAYS get behind. (Except when it comes to getting paid.)

If you want a physical copy, drop Vic and Gab a line here, or nab one at a show. You can also grab it now at this crazy new thing you’ve probably never heard of called iTunes. Once you’ve spent some serious time listening to the tunes, let me know if I did the album justice!

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This is Ron Weasley, throwin’ back some Butterbeers, vibing all the fly young sorceresses in the place. A birthday gift to my Harry Potter-loving sister-in-law, who has taken to calling me “Weasley” in recent years. (Because he’s a Ginger, and I’m a Ginger, and all non-Gingers think all Gingers look alike.)

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Fun Fact: My dad was childhood friends with, and lived down the street from, the guy who played The Red Skull in the 1990 Captain America movie. I’ve met him once, maybe twice. Definitely before he got the Red Skull gig, too. Otherwise, he probably would have been wearing the Red Skull mask. I know I would if I were him.

My dad does not, however, know the guy who played The Red Skull in the 2011 Captain America movie. Which is a shame, because it’d be pretty cool to say, “I know two Red Skulls.”

Anyway, ladyphant and I watched the 2011 movie the other night. Pretty good super-hero movie. The digital effects they used to make Chris Evans look small and wimpy weren’t all that believable,  but you forget about that once he actually becomes Cap and gets his sweet WWII-era costume.

The above drawing is something we did to warm up one day last year, probably around the same time the movie was coming out. We like making Captain America look everything but chisel-jawed and stoic, as is apparent by this other version of him we did a while ago. (Sorry, Cap!)

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Bethany Shady, a.k.a. “Sidekick22,” is an author. She wrote a children’s book called Matilda Turnip’s Endless Belly Button, and a novel for grown-ups called The Interview. (Click here to learn more about ’em.)

Jorge Garcia is an actor who’s appeared in a number of films and TV shows, including Becker, Curb Your Enthusiasm, How I Met Your Mother, and a little show you’ve probably never heard of called LOST.

When LOST was still on the air, the two of them had a great podcast called Geronimo Jack’s Beard. which I’d listen to every week because:
a) the two of them were hilarious, and
b) it was kind of cool to hear one of the actual show’s lead actors talk about what HE thought was happening, and what was going to happen.

Now Jorge’s on a new show called Alcatraz, playing the distinguished Dr. Diego Soto. Click here to watch the trailer. Then click here and subscribe to the new podcast he and Sidekick22 are doing about the show, called (appropriately and hilariously— or “hair-iously”) Diego’s Soul Patch. That shiny drawing up there is the podcast’s official artwork. Yes, I’m mighty excited to have my doodles affiliated with a show I’ll no doubt be nerding out about for seasons to come.

Check it out, then let them (and me) know what you think!

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If you live in Milwaukee, you know 91.7 FM WMSE as one of our three public radio stations. They’ve been around almost as long as I have, are manned by actual humans 24 hours a day (hardcore!), and are funded by the people. That last thing? That’s why they have lots of fundraising events. And the best among them always seem to revolve around food.

This Friday, October 7, they’re having their annual Food Slam event. It’s one night a year where you can buy a ticket, sample deliciousness from roughly 30 local fooderies, and bid on silent auction items that, in the past, have included custom-painted toilet seats, Green Bay Packers tickets, a giant robot sculpture, and art from yours truly. For the last few years, I’ve been trying to make it music-related, since, you know, it’s a radio station and all. Last year, I painted Nina Simone. The year before that? Jim Carroll. And this year?

One-of-a-kind hand-painted vinyl records that were too scratched to play anymore. No, they aren’t actual Ramones or Devo records. No one would ever part with those. But it’s not the actual record that matters anyway.

If you want these? You have to attend the Food Slam. Or, find someone who IS attending, and have them bid for you. Get more Food Slam info here. See you Friday!

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Last week, Nate (The 5th Goonie who also hosts some great events at Jackalope Lounj) texted me to make a flier for his Thursday night giggity with DJ Black Mix. He let me loose to just do what I do. (Take note, people interested in hiring me.) So with the help of some old timey etchings, a copy machine, and my own scribbles, this came out. Made me realize how much I prefer a limited palate.



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