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We just finished painting & signing 20 small pieces we’re donating to MARN– the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network. These pieces will be available for the finding at their annual Treasure Hunt event. We’re not entirely sure how the process works, but at the very least we know that by the end of the event, you could go home with one of these pieces.

The tallest ones are about an inch taller than an iPhone. The medium sized ones are as tall as a Blackberry. And the smaller ones? About the size of a pager. (Hello, 1989.) Hope you dig ’em!


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If downtown Milwaukee seemed a little sad on Sunday, it’s probably because all the work from Rogues Gallery’s first-ever group art show came down. Don’t worry. They’ll recover. The new show they’re hanging is ridiculously good. And I’ll be glad to have my special movie-themed pieces back. Wanna’ see ’em? Here you go:

TITLE: “I Want My Two Dollars”
FILM: Better Off Dead
If you’re confused, watch this. Marvel at his persistence. And his sweet switchblade comb.

TITLE: “Human Centipede”
FILM: Human Centipede
My attempt to make something incredibly disgusting seem incredibly adorable. Mission accomplished?

TITLE: “The Blues Brothers”
FILM: The  Blues Brothers
This is me trying to sum up one of our favorite films of all time in one simple 11 x 17 panel. Piece of cake, right?

So what do you think? Should we do some more movie-themed pieces? More like the Blues Brothers piece? Do you think someone in Hollywood should make OUR version of HUMAN CENTIPEDE?

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This is Ron Weasley, throwin’ back some Butterbeers, vibing all the fly young sorceresses in the place. A birthday gift to my Harry Potter-loving sister-in-law, who has taken to calling me “Weasley” in recent years. (Because he’s a Ginger, and I’m a Ginger, and all non-Gingers think all Gingers look alike.)

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Fun Fact: My dad was childhood friends with, and lived down the street from, the guy who played The Red Skull in the 1990 Captain America movie. I’ve met him once, maybe twice. Definitely before he got the Red Skull gig, too. Otherwise, he probably would have been wearing the Red Skull mask. I know I would if I were him.

My dad does not, however, know the guy who played The Red Skull in the 2011 Captain America movie. Which is a shame, because it’d be pretty cool to say, “I know two Red Skulls.”

Anyway, ladyphant and I watched the 2011 movie the other night. Pretty good super-hero movie. The digital effects they used to make Chris Evans look small and wimpy weren’t all that believable,  but you forget about that once he actually becomes Cap and gets his sweet WWII-era costume.

The above drawing is something we did to warm up one day last year, probably around the same time the movie was coming out. We like making Captain America look everything but chisel-jawed and stoic, as is apparent by this other version of him we did a while ago. (Sorry, Cap!)

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This is my pal Julia. She’s one of my favorite people to draw. And this painting was my gift to her for her third birthday.

(Who are we kidding? This is more a gift for her MOM than it is for her.)

Happy birthday, peanut!

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We did equal parts talking and painting at this event, because there were a lot of great people attending this thing. (Sara! Sean! Brenda! Marta! Maynda! Angie! Theresa! Dylan Effin Thomas!)

And then there were the incredible sets by Group Of The Altos and John The Savage. We HAD to stop painting and watch them.

Here are the two finished pieces we did. Love ’em? Let me know. They’re looking for good homes. Both measure roughly 16″ on the short side, and 22″ on the other. And both are made with acrylic paint on thin wood.

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A few weeks ago, my friend (and fellow pen-pusher) Josh Peters asked if I wanted to be a part of a Muppet-themed art show in Columbus, Ohio. Stupid question. Of course I did. To be quite honest, some days, I sit at my drawing table, staring into the distance, hoping and waiting that someone– ANYONE– will call and ask me to be a part of a Muppet-themed ANYTHING.

And so, on December 3, the Rogues Gallery at Packrat Comics in Columbus, Ohio will host an opening most epic. It’s a gigantic group show. Or so I’ve been told. I don’t actually have a flier or anything promoting it yet. But you can click here and get the gallery’s info.

Sadly, I won’t be there. Nor will this drawing of Fozzie Bear:

Instead, I’m sending these three pieces:

A portrait of the master, Jim Henson. And a quote of his. There is no single artist I admire more.

The four main Muppets. I think it’s fair to say they’re the main ones, right? Also: I love drawing arms. A lot. Come watch me do live art sometime. Inevitably, I’ll draw some random arms. But these? Really, the arms are all you need to know who it is.

The first Republican I ever knew.

Hope some of you Columbus kids can make it out to see the work up close. Let me know if you do.

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