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There’s a Rick Jameson Experience EVERY month here in Milwaukee. But the one on Saturday, September 3? That one was special. Not only because it was Why B’s (a.k.a., “Rick Jameson”) annual 21st birthday celebration, but also because we had to bid farewell to one of Milwaukee’s absolute best people AND DJs, Kid Cut Up. He decided to move to Los Angeles because he was tired of the reasonable cost of living we have here in the 414.

Why B decided I shouldn’t just paint at this event. I should paint Chuck’s. Three pairs– one for him, one for Kid Cut Up, and one for Rufio, who takes care of not only us on stage, but also the few hundred drunks who inevitably show up to these things. And who am I to say no to the birthday boy?

These were the first three pairs of shoes I ever customized. Here’s hoping they aren’t the last.











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Last week, Nate (The 5th Goonie who also hosts some great events at Jackalope Lounj) texted me to make a flier for his Thursday night giggity with DJ Black Mix. He let me loose to just do what I do. (Take note, people interested in hiring me.) So with the help of some old timey etchings, a copy machine, and my own scribbles, this came out. Made me realize how much I prefer a limited palate.



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In all my years of doing live art, I’ve somehow managed to never paint on a Monday night. But there were a lot of reasons I did:

1. Nate from Wicked Hop/Jackalope asked me to.
2. DJ E-Rich would be spinning. (It’s his Bangarang night.)
3. Kid Cut Up would wind up on the tables at some point.
4. Jackalope is starting a Bags league (also known as “cornhole,” also known as “throwing a bean bag onto a board with a hole in it.”) and Nate wanted me to paint one of the boards.

Except I wound up painting two. Fred and Steve from Grape Street did the others, and seeing them ahead of time pretty much meant I had to BRING IT. So I tried. Here’s what I wound up painting:

And board #2….

Goonies never say die!

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SKULLS! – Painting #1 happened during both Why B and Chris V’s individual sets. Then it sold to DJ E-Rich. Maybe he’ll take a better photo of it once it’s hanging in his mansion. I only had my phone camera on me, and it apparently didn’t want to capture the blue and white properly.

PIANO TEETH! – Painting #2 began before DJ Mighty Thor’s video set started, and was finished about an hour and ten minutes after he started, so folks would watch what he was doing, and not stare at my back. The piece stands 4′ tall and 2′ wide, and IS STILL FOR SALE. So, you know, email me if you’re interested in it.

BIG THANKS to Jackalope Lounj, Nate Rufio and the other bartender I don’t know the name of, Why B, Chris V, DJ E-Rich, birthday-boy Buttertooth, hot*pop for sponsoring the event despite having 9,000 other events over the weekend, and supersonic thanks to everyone who showed up and danced.

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