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2012 Milwaukee Film Festival Poster

From July 1 until October 19, I spent my days (and some nights) working for the Milwaukee Film as Marketing Coordinator for the 2012 Milwaukee Film Festival. I was mostly there to use my brain and words, coming up with film category names, and writing things like press releases, blog posts, the weekly (and daily) newsletters, and a fair amount of the non-film description copy in the official festival program guide. And during the festival itself, I was responsible for most of what you saw posted on Milwaukee Film’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Before my gig ended, Blyth (incredible boss, filmmaker, Director of Marketing) handed me one of the gigantic posters from the festival (designed by Cathy B. of Loneshoe Graphics) and asked me to draw all over it. The photos below are the end result.


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Though I don’t share it too often, I do a LOT of design work. Which makes total sense, considering four score and seven years ago, I spent about four score and seven billion dollars to get properly educated in the ways of the graphic designer. The above poster is one such example of what I get to do with said education. It’s for one of our favorite clients, Alverno Presents, for one of their remaining four shows.

We wanted to keep it simple, like an old soul show poster. But also classy, ’cause these are LEGENDS we’re talking about here. LEGENDS. And we fought like crazy to keep this thing free of the usual distressed textures we love to see.

If you have a minute and want to get a fast music education, google these gentlemen. Then I’ll see you at the show.

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