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Normally, I paint two or three pieces at live art gigs. That way, folks coming and going throughout the night have a chance to see a piece come to completion. (Or close to it, anyway.) Saturday night, I scrapped that, and spent the entire 4 1/2 hours painting one 18″ x 24″ piece instead. It started with the white hand and head above. Then the tiny details started coming in. The rest is history.

(click on the images to see ’em a little bigger!)

Most of the images came straight out of my head, ’cause there’s a lot of crap in there just dying to get out. Most of the words, however, are me messing around with the lyrics of the songs that Why B and E.Rich were playing. (Can we all agree that “rap patrol on the cat patrol” is better than “gat patrol?”) Did I mention I love painting when those dudes DJ? I do. ‘Cause they make your favorite DJ’s idea of a party look like a bridge tournament.

This is what happens when you ask E.Rich to play Drake.

Shout-out to my favorite Spike Lee character, and about a thousand other things.

High-five to the guy who got the Slick Rick reference.

Okay. So maybe some of the text is out of my head, too.

The finished piece! All in a day’s work. And sold to Eric, who runs one of my favorite shops in the city.

As always, big thanks to Nate and the Rogues Crew, for making Rogues Gallery one of my favorite places in MKE to both drink and paint. Same goes for Why B and E.Rich– two of my favorite DJs to paint to. And high-five to Fred Kaems for painting alongside me. Hassle him to share what he painted that night.


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If downtown Milwaukee seemed a little sad on Sunday, it’s probably because all the work from Rogues Gallery’s first-ever group art show came down. Don’t worry. They’ll recover. The new show they’re hanging is ridiculously good. And I’ll be glad to have my special movie-themed pieces back. Wanna’ see ’em? Here you go:

TITLE: “I Want My Two Dollars”
FILM: Better Off Dead
If you’re confused, watch this. Marvel at his persistence. And his sweet switchblade comb.

TITLE: “Human Centipede”
FILM: Human Centipede
My attempt to make something incredibly disgusting seem incredibly adorable. Mission accomplished?

TITLE: “The Blues Brothers”
FILM: The  Blues Brothers
This is me trying to sum up one of our favorite films of all time in one simple 11 x 17 panel. Piece of cake, right?

So what do you think? Should we do some more movie-themed pieces? More like the Blues Brothers piece? Do you think someone in Hollywood should make OUR version of HUMAN CENTIPEDE?

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A few weeks ago, my friend (and fellow pen-pusher) Josh Peters asked if I wanted to be a part of a Muppet-themed art show in Columbus, Ohio. Stupid question. Of course I did. To be quite honest, some days, I sit at my drawing table, staring into the distance, hoping and waiting that someone– ANYONE– will call and ask me to be a part of a Muppet-themed ANYTHING.

And so, on December 3, the Rogues Gallery at Packrat Comics in Columbus, Ohio will host an opening most epic. It’s a gigantic group show. Or so I’ve been told. I don’t actually have a flier or anything promoting it yet. But you can click here and get the gallery’s info.

Sadly, I won’t be there. Nor will this drawing of Fozzie Bear:

Instead, I’m sending these three pieces:

A portrait of the master, Jim Henson. And a quote of his. There is no single artist I admire more.

The four main Muppets. I think it’s fair to say they’re the main ones, right? Also: I love drawing arms. A lot. Come watch me do live art sometime. Inevitably, I’ll draw some random arms. But these? Really, the arms are all you need to know who it is.

The first Republican I ever knew.

Hope some of you Columbus kids can make it out to see the work up close. Let me know if you do.

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