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If we had to look back (but not in anger, ’cause Oasis will get mad), this year was spent doing a lot of work for other people. Different kinds of work. But in between all the scanning, saving, and waiting for approval/revisions on that work, we made stuff. Drawings. Paintings. Little ones. Big ones. And after one epic day of cleaning, we found some we never offered up, too. Which is why we’re here.

The following are the first batch of pieces we’re putting up for sale this year. Some of them are oldies we’ve shared, but didn’t couldn’t bear to part with until now. Most of them, however, are new pieces. And there are plenty more where that came from.

If you’re interested in any of them, drop me a line. We can talk turkey. Then we can talk business.

Skull & Stripes – 4″ x 6″ – acrylic and ink on illustration board

Lost in Space – 4″ x 6″ – acrylic and ink on illustration board

I’m Happiest… – 4″ x 6″ – acrylic and ink on illustration board

Green Thingy – 5″ x 5″ – acrylic on illustration board

Rocket Pop Girl – 4.5″ x 9″ – mixed media on bristol

The Flash Has an Epiphany – 6″ x 9″ – mixed media on paper

What’s This Dude Up To? – 9″ x 12″ – mixed media on paper

Red Face – 9″ x 12″ – mixed media on paper

Skull & Arms – 9″ x 12″ – mixed media on paper


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There’s a Rick Jameson Experience EVERY month here in Milwaukee. But the one on Saturday, September 3? That one was special. Not only because it was Why B’s (a.k.a., “Rick Jameson”) annual 21st birthday celebration, but also because we had to bid farewell to one of Milwaukee’s absolute best people AND DJs, Kid Cut Up. He decided to move to Los Angeles because he was tired of the reasonable cost of living we have here in the 414.

Why B decided I shouldn’t just paint at this event. I should paint Chuck’s. Three pairs– one for him, one for Kid Cut Up, and one for Rufio, who takes care of not only us on stage, but also the few hundred drunks who inevitably show up to these things. And who am I to say no to the birthday boy?

These were the first three pairs of shoes I ever customized. Here’s hoping they aren’t the last.










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Last week, Nate (The 5th Goonie who also hosts some great events at Jackalope Lounj) texted me to make a flier for his Thursday night giggity with DJ Black Mix. He let me loose to just do what I do. (Take note, people interested in hiring me.) So with the help of some old timey etchings, a copy machine, and my own scribbles, this came out. Made me realize how much I prefer a limited palate.



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A few years ago, our pal James commissioned the above graphic for a birthday present, for his then-derby girl wife. (She is no longer a derby girl. She is, however, still his wife.) It was part of a redone poster, to commemorate her first-ever bout. And being the shameless self-promoter I am, I posted the finished product online, for all the world to see.

This led to many a Brewcity Bruiser seeing it, which led to them OMGing it, which led to them very kindly asking me to lease it to them for a t-shirt a few years later. Which was this year. Specifically: last weekend.

At their 2011 Championship Bout, Milwaukee’s all-female flat track roller derby league sold these shirts in VERY limited edition— only 100 were allegedly printed. And by the end of Saturday night’s ridiculously enjoyable bout, EVERY LAST ONE OF THESE SHIRTS SOLD OUT. (Sorry, folks!)

I’m going to post a few detail shots, though, because this might be one of the most impressive print jobs I’ve ever seen. It’s no secret that we love Orchard Street Press— specifically Whitney, who we’re convinced is actually some sort of screen-printing genie. He’s done incredible work for us in the past, on our Mucca Pazza posters, and our recently released Angry Canvas Bags. But this thing? He pulled so much texture out of it. It’s about as close to the actual texture-heavy paintings as you could probably get with screens. So, if you ever need something printed, know that we very highly recommend Orchard Street with all our ever-loving hearts.

On to the details:

All four, in all their splendid glory.

The Crazy 8s!

Maiden Milwaukee

Shevil Knevils

Rushin’ Rollettes!

Check out the subtle yellows he managed to screen in— just like the painting!

Another close-up shot, to see more of that REALLY subtle yellow.

I tell you, in person, this thing is a true thing of beauty. And not because it’s my painting. They just did that great a job printing it.

Extra special thanks to my cell phone, for having a decent enough camera to shoot these photos. Maybe I can hire it out to anyone in need of product photography, make a little money on the side.

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SKULLS! – Painting #1 happened during both Why B and Chris V’s individual sets. Then it sold to DJ E-Rich. Maybe he’ll take a better photo of it once it’s hanging in his mansion. I only had my phone camera on me, and it apparently didn’t want to capture the blue and white properly.

PIANO TEETH! – Painting #2 began before DJ Mighty Thor’s video set started, and was finished about an hour and ten minutes after he started, so folks would watch what he was doing, and not stare at my back. The piece stands 4′ tall and 2′ wide, and IS STILL FOR SALE. So, you know, email me if you’re interested in it.

BIG THANKS to Jackalope Lounj, Nate Rufio and the other bartender I don’t know the name of, Why B, Chris V, DJ E-Rich, birthday-boy Buttertooth, hot*pop for sponsoring the event despite having 9,000 other events over the weekend, and supersonic thanks to everyone who showed up and danced.

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It took me seven years to realize that, when I need more Halloween decorations in the house, I don’t have to run out and buy them. I could actually make them. Seven years! Not the brightest bulb in the box…

(Skull garland = cardboard, black ink, white paint, and green yarn. And that lovely piece sitting on the floor there? Our overly talented friend Genevieve stitched that. It’s a portrait of my wife and I, from one of the fantastic wedding photos our other overly talented friend Kat Berger shot. If you want something from either of those two lovelies, let me know.)

(The guest room… of death! Just kidding, future guests.)

(I kind of wish I could have just carved this into the door. Pretty sure my landlady wouldn’t take too kindly to that, though.)

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A few weeks ago, the Shevil Knevils secretly approached me to secretly paint portraits of their two captains: Becky The Butcher, and Terror Lapinski! The portraits were presents FOR the captains, FROM the team. I asked the Shevils to give me a list of things that each girl likes– things I could incorporate into the paintings. This is what came out:

Becky loves cooking, hearts, skulls, and taxidermy. (Awesome.)

And Terror loves ice skating, professional wrestling, and her Japanese heritage. (Also awesome!)

Did they like them? You tell me:

Big thanks to Penny Maim for being the secret liason that made this all happen, and allowing me to paint something for two of my favorite, criminally underpaid athletes in this city!

Support your local rollergirls!


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